Director Recommendation

DEAR DIRECTOR: In order to know this Cardette Hopeful in a more dance and team centered environment, this form is required by every girl who auditions for the TVCC Cardettes. Please fill out this form as honestly as possible in regards to a college level dance team and your opinion of her in this setting. Your answers will not hinder the dancer but is need to make final determinations in conjunction to her dance audition. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 903-675-6225. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Revised June 2015    ver1.0.2

Cardette Hopeful
  • Prospect Name
  • How long has this young lady been in your dance program?
  • Is this young lady currently on your team? If not, when was she?
  • Do you feel that this young lady is ready to tackle college life as well as being on a college team(attitude, academics, etc.)?
  • Explain
  • Do you feel that this young lady will represent the Cardette Organization with a positive, classy image and be respected in your organization if she returns to visit? Is her current team proud of her and her actions?
  • Explain
  • Has this dancer ever been on probation or removed from a performance due to disciplinary actions? Does she get in trouble?
  • Explain
  • Has this young lady ever been an attitude problem or displayed tendencies to be a problem in the dance room, classroom, or on personal time?
  • Explain
  • Explain her work ethic in practice. (Fast, slow learner, detailed, self motivated, slack off, etc.)
  • What is her weakness as a dancer?
  • Choose which you feel fits this young lady currently?

  • What dance style do you feel this Cardette Hopeful is best at dancing?
  • Will this young lady have a problem with being on a precision team, meaning that everyone dances the same?
  • Explain
  • Do you feel that this young lady will be able to learn, take detailed notes and perfect a collegiate level dance in less than a week or will she need more time due to lack of ability to conform to others dance styles or slow learning skills?
  • Explain
  • Would you want this young lady on your team for another year?
  • Explain

Please rate this young lady in the following areas based on a collegiate level dancer and NOT on a high school level dancer: (1: does not apply/is not done at our school, 2: needs improvement, 3: average, 4: excellent)

Kicks (Higher than head level)
Toe touch
Straight leap
Right splits
Right Switch leap
Leap in second position (Russian)
Jump splits
Double turn on right side
Triple turn on right side
Al la seconds (turns in second position)
Right Axle turn
Turning Disk (chaine’ to second)
Attention to technical detail when dancing
Overall dancer’s figure(able to wear multi style costumes)
Projection/Confidence/Entertaining to watch


Again, thank you very much for your time and honesty.

  • Director's Name:
  • Official Title:
  • Date of Recommendation:
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